Vice Chairman' Message
“In the right formation, the flying power of many wings can achieve twice the distance of any bird flying alone” Education is one of the greatest strength one can have and we can proudly say that we, the SBSians are rendering service in the field of education, now for 25 years. It has been an immense pleasure in working for the benefit of the society and giving this society a talented, hard working group of students.
Through these 25 years we have tried and in build self-confidence, will power and a thirst for knowledge among our students.
Our comrades have bestowed a lot of time and hard work in making SBS a brand in itself. We are very thankful for the patience that the parents of our students have showed in these years. This patience of theirs has given us enough chances in molding the students towards a greater good.
We have tried out best to understand the children better and give them subjective and moral lessons, both, for ensuring their own success.
SBS has provided id mettle by giving the best of results and ensure that we will try and continue the legacy.
We welcome all suggestions. With best Regards!
Mr. Sarvjit Singh
Vice Chairman
A perfect human being is the one who has knowledge enough to understand the difference between right and wrong and thereby earn a living by working more hard. Giving education is not a magician’s bag of tricks, it’s about attitudes and relationships that need to be built and nurtured within conducive and enabling learning environment. Education does not stop. When the bell ring. It has to continue because we are discharging an important function of preparing the future generation to build, nurture and improve upon the socio-economic legacy that has been handed down to them.
Education in our SBS is not only related to academics but it is the sum total of what a student learns though out his school life. It aims at triggering curiosity, instilling sensitivity and facilitating the dexterity of perceptibility of human mind. Our aim is to help the child to identify his own unique potential, to develop himself to be acceptable to the open market and the world. With a team of dedicated faculty this task does not seem so insurmountable. At this point, I seek parental intervention as and when it is sought in order to create an apt environment for the all-round growth of students. Emphases would be on weighing in on new ideas and trying to implement the feasible ones within the ambit of the policies of the with educating students being our basic goal we strive to make our students better human beings. Students spend half of their day in school and I feel that there is a lot more to teach them than just the matter printed on the books. I believe in influencing students to work together and be a better denizen of the country.
‘Talents wins games but teamwork and intelligence win championships’
I feel so proud that we have the trust of thousands of parents who send their children to SBS. I am also proud of the school members who tirelessly work for ensuring the achievement of our goals. I invite you all to hold our hands, as always, and I ensure that I will lead you all maximum of heights.
We have always tried to walk an extra mile. I believe in working for success and not just dreaming about it. And accomplishing this dream of completing 25 years has taken a lot of hard work.
Our mission is to continue bearing the candle, to light the pathway for every child towards their dreams. Our vision is to produce confident, educated and humble citizens of India who will go out into world and make us proud.
Mrs. Jatinder Walia
Vice Chairman
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31 March 2023
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