Vice Chairman Message
The emergence of new Knowledge technology of business education throws up new challenges for human resource development that must cater to the needs of a new mind extension era. The modern business co-evolves with an environment of ideas. Therefore, the knowledge ecology of business education at SBS-CHE is designed to facilitate unbounded exploration of business models, innovation and creativity. With the synergy of new technologies, knowledge and management tools we have developed integrated curriculum and learning process that can extend over entire working life of the learner. The objective of the knowledge ecosystem at SBS-CHE is to create and maintain learners as strategic human resources that are capable of continually creating competitive advantage for their companies, through knowledge application.

We believe that the integration of global system is now creating an intelligent space where empowered individuals will operate as entrepreneurs to generate wealth in the society.

Being the upcoming Technical College we strive to provide a high level technical & managerial vision.
Best Wishes..
Pankaj Singh Bhadauria
Vice Chairman
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